Engineer - Web | Software

San Diego, California, United States


PINT wants to meet Engineers who are dedicated to building for the Web. We have been creating sites, applications and software for over 20 years, and our team is made up of a combination of industry veterans, ambitious neophytes, academic authorities and digital enterprise innovators.

Engineers should submit their candidacy to PINT to work on solutions to unique problems. Our engineers are not task robots…we ask our team to carefully research issues, craft well-conceived POCs and make thoughtful development suggestions. We know that reading code is as important as writing code, and we know that some of the most important solutions are created by engineers without writing any code at all.

If you see yourself as an experienced Engineer who wants to have a voice in development decisions or if you are more junior and you are committed to developing professionally, PINT might be for you. You'll need to care about more than just the codebase, though.

From business requirements and design through deployment and maintainability our engineers care about providing the best-possible experiences for our users and we work together, across disciplines, to deliver. We accept projects and clients that promise novel challenges and we look to our team to seek out the solutions to those challenges.

We're a good group, we help each other and we take the work seriously…ourselves, not so much. If you want to continue to learn and to build cool stuff, please let us know.


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