Business Development Professional | Web and Application Development

San Diego, California, United States


PINT wants to meet ambitious professionals with experience in the Web and Application Development space to discuss opportunities with our team. If that's you, it's likely that you have a few years' experience in one (or several) of these web-related roles:

PINT builds products and crafts solutions both on behalf of our clients and ourselves. Web applications and websites, digital marketing solutions and enterprise software development/integration make up just a few of our products and services, and our business development roles craft and promote creative proposals that provide real value for our clients and their end users.

We want to meet candidates who identify personally and professionally with the web. If you haven't played around with code or built yourself a website (or at least have a strong interest in that direction), this might not be the role for you. We're web geeks, we're serious about what we do, and our business development efforts reflect those values.

Our biz dev professionals are external representatives for our designers, engineers and developers and we expect them to speak with our clients from positions of technical authority. If you want to learn more than you ever thought you could know about web development, we can teach you. If you know a good deal already, that's even better…but don't expect to know it all or to work off a spec sheet. This is a hands-on, always-learning shop and our deal-chasers, marketers and account managers are not exceptions!


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